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Work on Writing

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Search Engines for Kids...

Sweet SearchImages


Clip Art




Future Me


Interactive Printing Practice


Free Online Story Starters




Kerpoof...Backgrounds to Use with Writing


Read, Write, Think Doodle Splash


2Write and Read a Wacky Tale




Creating Personalized Stories



Online Graphical Dictionary, VisuWords


Online Rhyming Dictionary


 Seasonal Poetry


 Concrete Poetry (A Fun Interactive!)    


Friendly Letter Generator


Writing Tools


Interactive Art


Badgerlink-Go to Searchasuarus or Britannica

to do research


See full size image






Five Senses Song

Sung to "This Old Man"

With my eyes, I can see
Robins nesting in the trees

I see and hear, and smell, and taste, and touch
With my senses I learn so much

With my ears, I can hear
Distant noises and sounds quite near


With my nose, I can smell
Fragrant flowers in the dell


With my mouth, I can taste
Doughnuts, which are chocolate glazed


With my hands, I can feel
bananas with a slippery peel



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