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Tell Us What You are Learning

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Name of School



What are you learning?

Random Lake Elementary Random Lake, WI 2 We are learning strategies to become better readers!  This year we have created Poetry Notebooks and are using the poems to practice our reading fluency.  The newest learning experience is creating gingerbread stories that were published as podcasts!  You can go to http://mrsgsclass.com/gingerbread  to check it out!
Wilson Elementary Gridley, CA 4 We're working on an abundance of geometry, Native American culture, rocks and minerals, synonyms/antonyms, prefixes/roots/suffixes, and main ideas! You can check out http://www.msyorksclass.com if you want to see more. :)
Badger Middle School  WI  I am learning about inequalities and equations in algebra, 
WB East  WI  11  I am learning formulas and using the Periodic Table in chemistry.


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