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Class Website




Online Stopwatch




Pilgrims By Mary Pope Osborne

Our Class Blog on SeeSaw



Teaching Others About Informational Books We've Read

Fairy Tales Created with Voki

Communities Padlet

Adjectives and Snowmen Padlet

Plant Padlet 

All About Bats



I wish... 

Padlet Collaboration

Penguin Adjectives


Chapter 3 Padlet

Horrible Harry Padlet

Winn Dixie Comparison 

Questions I Have About Insects 

Insect Padlet

Natural Resources...Backchanneling 

Todays Meet/Poetry






2013-2014 Learning

*Using an App PicCollage to Publish Writing

  (One student example) 

*Our Ongoing Adventures on KidBlog

*Gingerbread Stories using QR Codes

  (Scan the code to hear the story!) 

*Our Current Events...Staying Connected

*We Tweet about Our Learning!

*Backchanneling about Snowflake Bentley

*The Great Poetry Race using AudioBoo

*Students Recording their Fluency/Reflecting

*Todays Meet About Bats

*Oreo Stacking--An Online Project

*Dot Day...Make Your Mark


2012-2013 Projects

*Our Current Events!

*Our Toontastic Fairy Tales

*Snapshots of our Learning

*Slideshow (Many tech examples)

*A Year of 1:1 Implementation!

*Our Blog


2011-2012 Projects

*Our Class Blog

*Insect Reports w/Glogster!

*If I Were the Lorax...

*Descriptive Snowmen

*Technology Reflections

*Stellaluna Webquest

*Our iBook Process!

*Sellaluna Pathways

(We created an iBook!)

*We LOVE to Blog!

*Oreo Stacking


2010-2011 Projects

*Simply Similes

*Measure by the Foot

*Read All About It!

*I Love...

*Our Fairy Tales

*Descriptive Snowflakes

*Using iChalk on the iPad

*A Visit from Santa's Elves!

*Polar Express Activities

*Gingerbread Stories

*Poetry Reading

*Where's the Turkey?

*Pumpkin Estimation

*Oreo Project


2009-2010 Class Projects/Activities

*Mom of the Year Project


*Class Blogmeister


*Green Eggs and Ham Project

 using Skype and Wall Wisher


*Lucky Charms Graphing

(Create a Graph)


*Descriptive Snowmen

(Voicethread & Glogster)


*Holiday Card Exchange

(Google Earth)


*Where the Wild Things Went

(Audacity & Podbean)


*'Twas the Night

Before Thanksgiving



*Cloudy With a Chance

of Meatballs



*Oreo Stacking



2008-2009 Class Projects

*Happy Birthday President Lincoln!



*A Room with a View Project...

September-January have pictures

of our view and student descriptions.

Communicated with classes from

California and Bangkok.

(February-Flip Camera)


*Gingerbread Project

(Student Podcasts

using Podbean and Audacity)


 2007-2008 Class Projects

*The Shape of Things

Technology Project

 (Posted on blog and

used Smilebox; Notice

comments from our

New Zealand friends!)



*Adventure to Fitness



My Sites

*Professional Wiki

(Web 2.0 Resources)

*Class Web site

(Microsoft Publisher)

*Class Blog


*Class Wiki

*Instructional Technology Academy

(EETT Grant)




*Weather Map

*Science Rocks!

*Get your Web License:Cyber-Safety

*Wired Kids:Cyber-Safety


*Snazzy Snacks Sign-up

*Tell Us What You are Learning

*Favorite Foods

*Getting Ready for School Survey

*Student Work

*Snowy Pictures



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