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Getting Ready for School Survey

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How are you getting ready for school? 


Please take a minute and let us know! 


***To add your entry you need to click on edit page, type in the key word artist, make your entry, and then save.  Please make sure to only use your first name.  Thanks!



Where are you from?

When does school start?

How are you getting ready for school?

Mrs. Goneau
September 2, 2008
I am preparing my room for my second grade students by decorating it and making sure it is ready by Sept. 2.  I also created Literature Bags.
 September 2
 I am writing agendas.
 Sept. 2
 I am going to the mall and buying clothes.
 Sept 2
 Reviewing math and reading books; school shopping today
 Mrs. Mountain
 I go to school all year long!  :o)
 I am getting ready for the new school year by updating handbooks, creating schedules, and welcoming the teachers and students back to school.  I am very excited!!
 Mike Pelletier
 Peshtigo, Wi
 Not for me!Retired
 I am Mrs. Mountain's dad.  I did teach for nearly 35 years.  I still get a little anxious at the start of a new school year.
 Mrs. Bush
 Klamath Falls, Oregon
 September 2
 I am setting up my 1st grade class with a ocean/beach theme.  Last night we brought in 5 more desks.  I am very excited and a little nervous!  Did you know that teachers get nervous too?  :)
 Cincinnati, OH
 September 2
 I am also setting up my room with an ocean/beach theme.  I went to the teacher store and bought new bulletin board borders and changed my bulletin boards.  I am trying to get my classroom library organized too.  I have lots of books in my classroom!  I love reading!  What's your favorite book?
 Mrs. Martin
 Lake City, MN
 September 2
I am setting up my classroom with a racing theme.  I had to order some new reading books because I have more second graders this year.  I am also planning all of the fun things will will do!  The first day of school is exciting and scary...it always turns out great, though.
 Mrs. Premila Mathi
 Northridge, CA
 September 2
Teacher in-service starts today Aug.25th.  I am decorating my room - patriotic theme.  I bought red with tiny white stars and blue with tiny white stars fabric from Jo-Ann's for my 7 bulletin boards in my class.  I enjoyed this site this summer and have borrowed a lot of great things to do with my class of 16.  Today I will be arranging the desks in "E" style.  This year I am doing the ABC trifold for Back to School night.  I will also borrowing ideas from Mrs. Bainbridge's Procedure book for my class.  I am also using Mrs. Vensko's and Mrs. Bainbridge's lesson plan template.  I am thankful for all the wonderful teachers who share their ideas in this group.  I have also borrowed plans and ideas for reading groups and writing workshops.  My message is getting longer and I better stop for now.
 Mrs. W.
Ontario, Canada
 Sept. 2
 I read many books  and articles this summer about teaching -- especially books and articles about teaching reading and writing.   I was a presenter/facilitator at 3 different conferences.  Conferences help teachers be even better teachers.  Did you know that teachers are always learning new things?  I am getting my lesson plans ready for next week.  I also bought some new clothes for school.   During the summer I stay up later than usual.  This week I have to change my bedtime back to my school night bedtime.
 Mrs. P
 Sterling, VA
 Sept. 2
 I read lots of books this summer that I thought I might want to use this year with my 5th graders.  I attended some workshops to help me learn new ways of teaching.  I had a hard time NOT buying every cool thing I saw for my classroom!  I am also getting my own son ready for 1st grade.  He needs to learn his ID number so he can pay for his hot lunch.  More recently, I have spent a long time filing papers, unpacking boxes, moving furniture and putting my lesson plans together to get ready for the new year.
 Ms. Klatt
 Farmington, IL
 August 20
Before school started, I had to write my new 1st grade students' names on everything!!  I labeled their desks, cubbies, helper chart, mailboxes, lost tooth chart, birthday candles and lunch graph.  I hung up all my back to school bulletin boards and copied many, many papers.  I made new curtains for my windows and to cover my shelves and I got all my welcome back gift bags ready for the kiddos' desks.  We have been back to school for 3 and 1/2 days now and I have found several things I forgot to do already!  Enjoy your year!
 Sept. 2 (my birthday)
 I am packing my school supplies in my school bag and going to bed earlyer.
 I go to school all year long
 I am going to college in an accelerated program so I  go all year long. As soon as one class finishes another one starts. Each class is seven weeks long. I started the program September 2007 and will be done September 2010, I will graduate with a bachelors degree in Business Management.
 I have been busy all year getting -  excited about all the new books in the Media Center. I read lots o great books over the summer that I can't wait to share with my students.

Comments (1)

Anonymous said

at 3:35 pm on Aug 25, 2008

All summer I have been rading and posting to Proteacher.net. I have read many professional books to help my 4th graders bcome better learners. Reading aloud to my students each day is a great part of my day so I have been looking for new books. I have read the Poppy and Ragweed series by Avi. . .I know the kids will enjoy these characters. I did spend many hours getting the classroom ready. Our school starts on September 2. Good luck and happy learning to all the kids in Mrs. G's class.

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